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Please submit the order form and use the product code related to your buyer lead as provided by our representative. If you haven't yet got a product code and would like to receive buyer leads in your area, please contact our support team at 516-216-4166 or email However, buyer leads are subject to availability and buyer's interest in being contacted by a realtor in his/her area of interest.

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Every Buyer Lead is identified by a product code and is charged at $30.00 per lead. Please make sure you have the correct product code related to your buyer lead before ordering. For your security, all product codes will be emailed to your email address. We will not be responsible if you successfully submit a product code that is not related to your buyer lead and no refund will be due. We request you to submit a product code only once. Multiple submissions will result in multiple charges to your account. All charges related to buyer leads are non-refundable.

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Realty Bargains Buyer Leads are verified and validated leads. This means the prospective buyers have been contacted by us and they have expressed their interest in being contacted by a realtor.

Realty Bargains does not guarantee that you will be able to close these leads as this would completely depend on your expertise, available listings, customer handling and on the buyer requirements. However, we do guarantee that the buyer leads provided by us are details of buyers who are looking to buy a home and are actively looking to be contacted by a realtor.

In general, we provide a buyer lead exclusively to one realtor only and will not share the same lead with another realtor. However, if you fail to contact the prospective buyer within 3 days of receiving the lead, we reserve the right to share the same lead with another realtor.

Please read the payment information before ordering

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